Gwinnett I&I Program Assessment — Blue Cypress Consulting
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Gwinnett I&I Program Assessment

Utility Management
About This Project

Over the past two to three years, DWR has experienced elevated flows at its wastewater treatment plants that it believes to be at least partially due to an increase of Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) in the system. To better understand the nature and extent of I&I within its system, as well as the future impacts on DWR’s system if I&I trends continue, Blue Cypress Consulting, LLC (Blue Cypress) was selected to provide a high-level, programmatic assessment of DWR’s current I&I program. The purpose of this project was to develop a high-level understanding of the nature and extent of I&I issues; understand the order of magnitude of current and future I&I impacts; assess current policies, strategies, processes, procedures, technology/investigative methods, data standards, data usage, organizational structure, resources, and coordination; provide recommendations that would support DWR in achieving its programmatic I&I goals, and finally identify early wins, and prioritize areas to focus further efforts on.