Gwinnett iTracker Pilot Study — Blue Cypress Consulting
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Gwinnett iTracker Pilot Study

Utility Management
About This Project

Gwinnett Department of Water Resources (DWR) expressed an interest in determining a cost- and time-efficient method to identify major sources of Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) within the collection system. Finding and eliminating sources of I&I can reduce peak wet weather treatment loads at wastewater treatment plants and prevent wet weather capacity-related sanitary sewer overflows. Eastech’s iTracker sensors and associated iTracking software were identified by DWR as potential tools that could be utilized to locate sources of I&I in DWR’s collection system. The project included 4 rounds of sensor data collection, with pre-and post-deployment data analysis for each round of data collection. Blue Cypress performed data analysis, facilitated field crew trainings, and managed the subcontractor relationship and leasing of the equipment from Duke’s Root Control.